Kristin Hersh, meet Michael Pollan

So I got an email from Kristin Hersh. She wants to go all, like, local and stuff:

“I often feel there is an inverse relationship between quality of output and material success in the music business. This is distressing, but not out of line with what I’ve come to expect. Throwing Muses would wander the halls of Warner Brothers back in the day, muttering, ‘You don’t have to suck in order to work here, but it helps.'”

Then she’s all, like, “the financial climate and current upheaval in the music business mean that musicians like me are genuinely poor investments for the traditional powers that be.” Then she totally goes off on toothpaste and inner life and natural selection–I mean, weird, right?

Then she’s all talking about, like, farmers or something, and how her making music is, like, amalgamous. Amalgamated. Or whatever.

“I liken our situation to that of the family farmer’s — how can we keep from going under without going corporate?

This is what I think: we specialize — we offer an organic product. It is lumpy and expensive and made with love and it can save you. It’s the right thing to do. It isn’t shiny or poisonous, which can be disconcerting to people who’ve been raised on shiny poison, but it’s natural, it’s high-end and we want you to eat it.”

So then she’s all, “Let’s collaborate, yo!” She’s like, “…music grows on trees, but money doesn’t and I’m unwilling to suck in order to work here.” Which is totally cool, work sucks. Especially when you have to suck to work to your sucky job. That would suck.

SO I kind of go fired up and skipped to the end, like maybe there’s some, like, free downloads or a T-shirt deal or something. There wasn’t, so I checked out her Web site. It was kinda cool. That email was weird but her new album totally rocks. Seriously. Check it out.

– Perry Ellis



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3 responses to “Kristin Hersh, meet Michael Pollan

  1. Bertsch

    Kristin Hersh, it’s spelled…but who cares. Maybe I’m just a little protective of my favorite local R.I. native musician. She will always be one of the most captivating (and cutest) singer/songwriter chicks out there.

  2. Perry Ellis needs a copy editor. All fixed now. Thanks Jon Burch.

  3. Perry Ellis

    Sorry about that, Pax and Burch (and Kristin). Didn’t mean for that to post yet. Thanks for head’s up Burch and thanks for the edits Pax.

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