Philly fans are sPeshul

We routinely crack wise on the Fenway Faithful for being loud, hyperaggressive drunks whose intellect is in inverse proportion to amount of Killians they consume before game time. We also like to deride the calzone-gobbling mongoloids who profess to be Yankees fans (though most of them were wearing Mets jerseys during most of the 1980s and 1990s).

But every so often (like, once a week) the knuckle draggers who cheer on the Phillies remind us that people who eat Cheez Whiz four times a week aren’t exactly waiting by the mailbox for word from Mensa.

Presenting, an average night at the sporting event in Philadelphia (warning: This video contains explicit language and footage of pre-evolutionary humanoids with horrendous fashion sense):

Added bonus feature:

Left to right, Rick and CarolAnne Splutorski try to smile their way back to a time when goatees were cool  

Phillies game fan fight [YouTube]



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5 responses to “Philly fans are sPeshul

  1. perkisabeast

    They also can’t hold a camera steady. I couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on. The last time I was at a Red Sox game I heard a 10-year-old scream “You pussy” to the other teams pitcher for like fifteen minutes.

  2. Saw my first joint at Yankee stadium when I was about 9

  3. Perry Ellis

    Was it Larry Craig’s joint?

  4. Father Scott

    Along similar lines, apparently “Red Sox Nation” is (randomly) a subject of interest right now. I guess USA Today did a piece about it, and Jim Caple on ESPN has a hate-filled diatribe against Red Sox fans ( I understand it on a level, but he has two major flaws in his argument (it actually isn’t really an argument, he’s just whining):

    1) He implies that Red Sox fans relish in being “Red Sox Nation”, which is ridiculous–most Sox fans I know think all that stuff is kind of dumb, and just care about the team. RSN is an ownership/marketing creation, but Caple doesn’t excuse that.

    2) His (I think, even dumber) point that “What we really need is a wall, a moat and a minefield around New England to keep the spoiled citizens of Red Sox Nation from sneaking into the rest of the country and taking over seats in major league ballparks that should go to hard-working local fans.” Since when do people own tickets before they buy them? If Baltimore and Tampa don’t want Sox fans buying tickets, then, um, buy the tickets yourselves. Why don’t Oriole and D-Ray fans buy tickets? Um, ’cause their teams suck, so their stadiums are empty…just like Fenway was 15 years ago and Yankee Stadium 25-30 years ago. It’s not just Red Sox fans, all cities want to watch winners.

    Yeah, I just blogged on your blog. What?

    (I don’t know anything about Phila. fans except for Breidenstine, who showed last night only that he’s a major homer, not necessarily a mongoloid.)

  5. “Since when do people own tickets before they buy them? If Baltimore and Tampa don’t want Sox fans buying tickets, then, um, buy the tickets yourselves.”

    I would also point out that the Atlanta Braves never sell out, despite having won like 64 of the last 66 division titles. They have had playoff games down there that don’t sell out. Playoffs!

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