Shocker: A-Rod not classy, all about the money

Deadspin‘s got a handful of links of commentary regarding Alex Rodriguez’s tactless announcement of his impending free agency during the last night’s final game of the World Series.

I understand baseball is a business and that A-Rod is, in terms of talent, the best player in the game. But at some point, somebody needs to have some sense of morality, or at least understand when something isn’t in good taste (as it happened I wanted to cry out “bad form” like the kid in Hook). Sure, it was a strong strategy (Joe Buck and Tim McCarver jumped on this like A-Rod on a Canadian she-male hooker), but it turned the focus from a dominating performance by the best team in baseball in a close game to whether this douchebag will make $35 million a year for the next 10 years, or just $30 million.

Nice swing, dick

Theo, John Henry, et al: Set a precedent. Don’t even negotiate with him. Overpay Mike Lowell–World Series MVP, class act, fan favorite–just like you did with Tek a few years ago, because he means more than his (already excellent) production. He’s not selfish like Pedro, or self-aggrandizing like Johnny Damon. He’s a great player with great character whose skills should diminish terribly over the course of his mid-30s. And most importantly, he’s not a guy who turns every team he plays for, and every fanbase who roots for him, starkly against him even as he’s putting up MVP numbers.

-Father Scott



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6 responses to “Shocker: A-Rod not classy, all about the money

  1. Pedro is not selfish. All things being equal, he would have stayed in Boston. But all things weren’t going to be equal. The Mets were going to offer him more money, no matter what.

  2. perkisabeast

    Please don’t ever bust on Pedro Martnez. He is the greatest pitcher that ever wore a Red Sox uniform. He is sacred. He is a god. And he should have taken the money the Mets were offering him. I still say they should have brought the 04′ team back for one more run.

  3. fatherscott

    Not busting on Pedro at all–you’re totally right about his importance to the Sox. He was very selfish throughout his contract negotiations, constantly wanting options exercised well in advance and so forth. I don’t blame him at all for taking the money the Mets offered him, because it was crazy at the time and everyone knew it (probably even Omar Minaya). Just because we like someone and they did great things for us, it doesn’t mean that they are perfect. Pedro is far from perfect.

    Bringing back the ’04 team would have been a terrible idea. Any time your team chemistry is built up around a fluky concept (the idiots), it’s not going to last. That team was full of a bunch of totally self-involved guys, and they were all cocky enough to deal with the curse and all the ridiculousness in ’04 (to their credit). But there’s no way that team was doing anything thereafter. They’re much better off with the situation they’re in now.

    Oh, and the draft picks they received for letting Pedro and Damon walk were, if I’m not mistaken, Jacoby Ellsbury and Clay Buchholz.

  4. fatherscott

    Correction: That second-to-last sentence should read that Lowell’s skills “shouldn’t” diminish much as he ages. Apologies.

    My thinking on this is that he doesn’t do anything spectacularly (he’s not blazing fast, or an amazing power hitter), but rather is just a really good ballplayer. These guys tend to age better. I have no actual evidence, it’s just what I think. The guys with one tool that really makes them great (seems most true with speed, though power hitting is probably true as well because the bat tends to slow down as you age) tend to lose it more drastically.

  5. Now that Joe Torre’s going to be a Dodger, he’ll be managing Derek Lowe, Rudy Seanez, and Nomar. Then he’ll get Posada, Pettite, and Mariano, and the City of Los Angeles will fold in on itself and burrow into the earth.

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