Evil wins!

We hope Gregg Easterbrook enjoys the feeling of rooting for the team that got every possible break from a terrible officiating crew, and whose pious, pompous coach took every opportunity to pile on Belichick during the media-generated scandal of the past few weeks, and still got beat on their home turf.

24-20 Patriots.


Satan says dance, bitches.

Manning’s late fumble seals deal for undefeated Patriots [ESPN]



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8 responses to “Evil wins!

  1. fatherscott

    Kind of old-school Pats…didn’t look that great most of the game, but pulled it out.

    I want to be on the record as totally buying the conspiracy theory we will likely hear for the next week, to say that Belichick intentionally called such a ridiculous offensive gameplan (what did they run, 140 HB draws?) to not tip his hand for the playoffs.

  2. My favorite was the 9 straight pass attempts at Moss while he was triple-covered — then the bomb to Stallworth and quick strike to Welker. Just keeping them honest.

  3. Perry Ellis

    My favorite was Manning’s flop sweat in the post-game press conference.

    So what are the odds now that they run the table for the rest of the season?

  4. There are also rumors that the Colts piped in extra crowd noise while the Pats were on offense. Easterbrook better write a 25,000-word manifesto on how the Colts are undermining the integrity of all sports as we know them.

  5. Forgot to add that I like how Peyton blamed “injuries” for the loss. That guy always takes responsibility, doesn’t he?

  6. Perry Ellis

    He sure does. Here are some of his post-game comments:

    “It’s something that they played against the Cowboys with Jason Witten. Like I said, with Dallas Clark you always have to be alert as to how teams are going to play him different ways. I think offensively we are always trying to be mixed, get pass game and the run game going. Of course Joe (Addai) made a great play on the two minute drill there at the end of the first half. They were certainly in pass coverage and he did a great job of getting into the end zone. You never know quite what kind of identity the game is going to take on, but for us we are always going to do both, run it and throw it.”

    And here are Brady’s:

    “It certainly wasn’t our best game today. There was a bunch of things that didn’t go the way we planned it. A lot of that is great defense, and I’ve got to give that to the Colts. And some of it is bad play by our offense, and we’ve got to find ways to improve that. I’m very proud of the fact that we’re 9-0 going into the bye week. I think everybody could use the rest. It was a very hard-fought victory for us.”

    Sue does bolster TMQ’s claims about Brady’s smirking lack of sportsmanship, doesn’t it?

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