Pax Linkographus: 16-0 edition

The night of extraordinary inner conflict for Pax Arcana ended somewhat predictably last night, as the juggernaut Patriots took out our beloved Giants with a last minute surge of raw power and precision — and the inevitable bad pick by Eli.

Brandon Jacobs is a beast.

Still in our Giants T-shirt this morning, we think we got the best of both worlds last night. Eli was superb. The Giants roll into the playoffs with a good head of steam. Only two starters (both Giants) were injured. And the Pats, whom we respect and admire more than any team in history, finished the season undefeated.

We hope to revisit our inner conflict on February 3, 2008.

The links:

  • PIAB has a pointed message for one Sacto hack [Perk is a Beast]
  • Like giving to charity? How about shooting heroin? Same difference, in terms of endorphins [NY Sun]
  • The rise of the MP3 is great in many ways, but what are we losing with the compressed format? An awful lot of what makes music great, say sound engineers [Rolling Stone, via Boing Boing]
  • Why no limestone on Mars? Because of the sulfur dioxide, duh [MIT News]
  • The official pilot of Pax Arcana takes the TSA behind the woodshed for its restupidous security policies [NY Times]
  • Cornell is training its janitors to look out for suicidal students. No word yet on whether they will move the university away from Ithaca-Goddamn-New-York [Wall Street Journal]
  • The Nanosolar powersheet is the top innovation of the year. The Larry Craig weinertater finished a distant third [Popular Science, via Dvorak Uncensored]
  • The next person who says blogs are killing journalism or that the Internet is ruining our culture gets punched in the fucking dick. We are not kidding [Reason]

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