Pax Arcana 

F**K YES!!

From USA Today:

The New York Mets have agreed to a trade for two-time Cy Young Award winner Johan Santana, giving up four prospects to acquire the left-handed ace of the Minnesota Twins, according to two high-ranking Twins officials with knowledge of the talks and a person close to Santana.

Imagine, if you will, Johan Santana on the mound in a playoff game, backed by David Wright, Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado, and the remnants of Shawn Green.

This deal is either the ultimate overspend (terms haven’t been released) or the puzzle piece that puts the Mets back on the road to glory. I’ll tell you which one next November.


Twins agree to deal Santana to Mets for prospects [USA Today]



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3 responses to “SANTANA TO THE METS!!!!!

  1. fallen angel

    well there goes any chance of me rooting for the sox this year.

    go rays. kazmir + shields + garza > santana biatch.

  2. Kazmir should be a Met. I refuse to acknowledge that he plays for anyone else.

    Speaking of Victor Zambrano, anyone seen him around recently?

  3. fatherscott

    I don’t really see how this can be an overspend. Santana would be crazy not to want to go there instead of Minny (imagine the numbers he’ll put up in the NL…5 or 6 starts against Florida and Washington each year, good God). The Mets will offer 6 years somewhere just south of 25 mil per, it’ll get done. And they kept their best prospect in the process…I’m surprised you didn’t take a few days off work and go on a celebratory bender.

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