“And… that happens”

Pax Arcana

Two things about John Mayer:

1. For a guy who makes his living peddling tweener pansy rock, he is a surprisingly adept guitar player. Witness:

2. He’s a better baseball announcer than Joe Morgan and Joe Buck combined. Witness his performance behind the camera during the Red Sox recent trip to Japan:

[Hat Tip: Radar]


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5 responses to ““And… that happens”

  1. fatherscott

    A third thing: He’s a surprisingly entertaining and interesting writer. He used to write short columns in Esquire that were always either really informational or entertaining. Here’s one I remember liking: http://www.esquire.com/features/music/ESQ0506mayer_38

  2. A fourth thing: he nailed Jessica Simpson.

  3. A fifth thing: He owns the bradfordonbaseball.com domain.

  4. HA. Can you believe they own that domain name again? There was a couple days when it wasn’t linking to Burt’s site, and I saw that the domain name had expired and was available to anyone. Then I noticed the URL was going to Burt’s site again, so I checked one of those web directory thingies, and they actually renewed it! Hilarious.

  5. perkisabeast

    And another thing. He sucks.

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