Something I learned today*

Perry Ellis

We took Paste’s advice on this one:

“Fans of legendary indie rockers Hüsker Dü (IE: former idealistic college students from the ’80s now begrudgingly working corporate jobs) will be excited to learn that a rarities compilation and live album are in the works for the group.”

Yep, that would be us. Ouch.

Seems the comp will feature rarities circa 1979 (the year, not the Smashing Pumpkins song).

Let’s see, 1979. We were 8 years old and big-time fans of all things Lego, Sgt. Pepper’s and not going to school, ever. Father Scott had yet to become a gleam in his daddy’s eye and the Paxman was just discovering the joys of ambulation. Good times.

As for the possiblity of the band’s reuning (which Pax Arcana adamantly opposes, for the record), the hopeful would do well to consider this, from Billboard in 2005 (via a Google cache page):

“Asked if the prospect of a reunion by the Hüskers, who broke up in late 1987, holds interest to him, guitarist/vocalist Bob Mould tells, ‘None whatsoever. To me, that’s just best left where it is. It was a period of my life that was great at the time. A lot of crazy things have been said and a lot of stupid things have been done. It’s probably just best left where it is. … I can’t imagine giving up what I have right now, which is being able to go out on tour with guys I like and am looking forward to playing with. … I can’t imagine giving up my DJ gig or the life I’ve spent years working toward for that kind of thing, which would clearly be a lucrative situation. … There’s no animosity, but I just don’t want to go there.”

Or this, from the Old Grey Lady in 2004:

“Mr. Hart said the prerequisite for a reunion was now: ‘Every 17 years, and someone has to have cancer.'”

*Black & white is always gray. Never stare straight in the sun’s rays.



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7 responses to “Something I learned today*

  1. I oppose a Husker Du reunion?

  2. Perry Ellis

    Speaking as the site, not the Paxman. Should have read, “Which Pax Arcana the blog (not the tall, dashing Norseman) officially opposes.”


  4. Perry Ellis

    That’s the spirit! We knew we could count on you, oh noble hammer-wielder of the snowy north.

  5. fatherscott

    I’m apathetic about a reunion and am appauled at being lumped in with you two and the Reverend (who really needs to shut his trap…does that guy ever keep quiet?).

  6. Perry Ellis

    Apostates will be excommunicated.

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