Perry Confessionis: Our dirty little secret

Perry Ellis

We have a dirty little secret to confess: We are addicted to The Superficial.

To the uninitiated, The Superficial is one of those tawdry celebrity “news” sites that exist solely to feed the prurient desires of nerdy, pre-pubescent dweebs with a constant supply of cheesy T&A shots. It’s truly loathesome, and we can’t get enough of it.

                     Oh, the shame of it all.

Maybe that’s because of stories like this. Or this. Or that the writing on the site strikes such a delicious balance between smarmy geekery, tweener lust and disdain for the foibles of idiot celebrities. Maybe it’s because, at heart, we really are nerdy, pre-pubescent dweebs easily titillated by cheesecake photography. God, we hope not. But whatever the reason, we blame Lucy.

That’s because Lucy lists the site on her canine blogrool. Scrolling through one day, we saw the link and said, “Hmmm, The Superficial. Wonder what that’s all about?” and clicked the link. There was no turning back after that.

A few months down the road, we’d hate to estimate how much productivity and self-respect we’ve squandered there. It’s pathetic. Oh, wait, gotta run. A new item about Jennifer Anniston just went up. Damn you, Lucy. Damn you to Hell.



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3 responses to “Perry Confessionis: Our dirty little secret

  1. at least i’m being prolific through my links. the superficial writer(s?) is brilliant. it’s always the same formulaic bullshit, but i just find him to be hilarious. and for this, i feel no shame whatsoever. however, i need to get around to removing perez hilton from my links as well as my life. he is such a fucking tool and i have no idea why i put him up there in the first place.

  2. The Superficial guy has nothing on the What Would Tyler Durden Do? guy…

  3. Perry Ellis

    Oh, man, don;t tell me that Pax. The last thing I need is another naughty problem. Hang on, this just in:

    It seems to me that the WWTDD guy and the Superficial guy could be the same person.

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