The Vikings didn’t kill that lady

Pax Arcana

Way back in 1904, researchers found a buried Viking ship in Oseberg, Norway with two dead ladies inside. The younger lady had a broken collarbone, so the scientists just assumed she’d been killed by her Viking tribe and buried with the older woman — presumably a queen.

Now, 104 years later, scientists are saying the Vikings didn’t actually kill the younger woman. High-tech images of the broken collarbone show that it had been healing for weeks before she died:

“We have no reason to think violence was the cause of death,” Per Holck, professor of anatomy at Oslo University, told Reuters after studying the two women who died in 834 aged about 80 and 50.

“The fracture could have been caused by stumbling or whatever. She could have been seriously hurt, got brain damage. But this fracture alone is no sign of killing,” he said.

If the head ain’t split, you must acquit

So for over 100 years scientists racially profiled these innocent Vikings — assuming the worst about them based on longstanding prejudices and legends. As if the culture that invented the world’s most technologically advanced wooden ships and shark fermenting pits had nothing better to do than sit around murdering 50 year old women.

They weren’t animals, you know.

Oh wait. There is this:

The old woman suffered from Morgagni’s syndrome, a hormonal disturbance that gave her a man-like appearance with a beard and a thick-set body.

Still, though, I hear she was pretty hot anyway.

Vikings acquitted in 100-year-old murder mystery [Reuters]


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