Get your goat

Pax Arcana

Quick quiz: What’s the most-consumed meat in the entire world?

That’s right, Mr. I-Can-Read-And-Successfully-Infer-Information-From-Headlines — it’s goat.

Yet despite it’s popularity just about everywhere else, goat meat is not commonly consumed here in the good old U.S. of A. The MenuPages Blog says that makes it the soccer of meats. And just like soccer, goat meat is spreading rapidly around here thanks to immigrant populations, according to the St. Louis Dispatch:

Until recently, though, it was difficult to find American goat meat. If shoppers found goat in stores, it was likely to be imported frozen from New Zealand or Australia, the world’s largest exporter of goat meat.

That is starting to change as American farmers get into the meat goat biz – which, as it turns out, doesn’t require all that much.

For one thing, goats don’t require huge tracts of land to raise like cows do. This makes raising goats an attractive option for smaller farmers with fewer acres. Unfortunately they are more difficult to maintain than cows and slightly more disease-y.

Still, though, I think Mad Goat Disease is preferable to Mad Cow Disease any day and twice on Sunday. How awesome would it be to grow horns?

Goat: The Soccer Of Meats? [MenuPages]


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One response to “Get your goat

  1. Perry Ellis

    I had goat masala at an Indian buffet once and it was delicious. The only drawback is it has tons of tiny bones and confers an irrestistable urge to smash your head into people and things. But it’s totally worth it.

    One thing I don’t like about goats is their eyes. Their pupils are all vertical and weird looking like Amy Winehouse. It’s scary.

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