This is what it sounds like when ornithologists cry

Perry Ellis

Apparently the Paxman’s favorite artist is branching out.



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14 responses to “This is what it sounds like when ornithologists cry

  1. Did I not tell you about the all-over McSweeney’s ban at Pax Arcana?

  2. Perry Ellis

    You did not. What gives?

  3. I hate it.

    I think Dave Eggers is brilliant, and I was a religious McSweeney’s fan from around 2000-2001, but now it’s just a bunch of hipster doofuses trying to out-precious each other.

    Though I do have to give my girl Sarah Walker some props. She funny.

  4. Perry Ellis

    “It’s just a bunch of hipster doofuses trying to out-precious each other.”

    We have met the enemy, and it is us.

  5. Perry Ellis

    Dr. Dan turned me on to McSweeney’s recently (my hipster doofus cred is sorely lacking, evidently), and yeah there are some overly precious postings there but also some seriously funny ones. I’ll have to check back for Sarah Walker’s stuff.

  6. You’ll see what I mean shortly. My problem with McSweeney’s is that guys like Eggers and Neal Pollack (one of my favorite people of all time) established a style and tone that was unique, inventive, and often hilarious. And now there are hundreds of wannabe writers and MFA-bound shit-tards trying to cram all this meta pop culture detritus into the McSweeney’s vibe. Not to take anything away from the good ones, but for the most part I think McSweeney’s lost its flavor a while ago.

    Sarah Walker is a comedy writer I know through sister-in-law type connections. She’s hilarious. Gave the best college commencement speech I’ve ever seen (Amherst, um, 2003?).

  7. And I reject the idea that we’re precious. Hipster doofuses possibly, but definitely not precious.

  8. Perry Ellis

    What!? Haven’t you seen the Padre’s beard? If that’s not precious I don’t understand the meaning of the term.

  9. You have to look at all the meanings in the dictionary:

    precious (adj):

    1. cherished: characterized by feeling or showing fond affection for

    2. Padre’s awesome beard

    3. obviously contrived to charm

    I was using it in the third way.

  10. Perry Ellis

    Right. I think I knew that. By the by, what dictionary are you using, Webster’s New College (Ecclesiastical Edition)?

  11. The Oxford English Dikshonary (Innernet Addition)

  12. Perry Ellis

    Um, I think it’s actually the Innerwebs Addition? Hello!?

  13. fatherscott

    There’s nothing precious about my beard. It causes jealousy in men, inspires awe and fear in children, and scratches women (but in a good way).

  14. Right now there are literally dozens of women running through the office parks of Dedham with scratched-up ankles.

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