Worst. Politician. Ever.

Perry Ellis

Exhibit A:

Excuse me – are those Bugle Boy jeans?

Meet Tony Zirkle.

He wants to be the Republican candidate for a northern Indiana congressional district.

But first, he wants protect the rest of us from the sexually transmitted diseases that the Jewish “porn dragon” is foisting off on us all.

By addressing a meeting convened to celebrate Hitler’s birthday.

Called by the National Socialist Worker’s Party. (Don’t let the swastikas, Hitler portrait or brown shirts fool you, folks–they’re Nazis White Power Rangers, all right.)

Seriously. Check it out for yourselves (hat tip to Respectful Insolence, via Sully).


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One response to “Worst. Politician. Ever.

  1. Had I known the porn dragon was Jewish, I would have gone to a lot more Bar Mitzvahs.

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