Perry Ellis

July 15 can’t come soon enough.



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8 responses to “Ohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboy

  1. Oh yeah, I owe you a Hold Steady review dont I. If I didnt get caught up in all things Celtics, maybe I would have that done.

    Im still feeling the altercation I had this morning with a road rager, so I doubt its coming anytime soon!

  2. Perry Ellis

    Perkisabeast took me to the game last night, Spackman, and it was AWESOME. Impossible to give you the highlight – Rondo, Pierce, Allen, KG, Perk, The Tooth – they all turned in great, great efforts. And how about Powe? Wow.

  3. Chris

    Since it’s a music post titled “ohboyohboyohboy” and I know that pax at least somewhat digs Josh Ritter, here’s more exciting music news for the day: http://www.joshritter.com/bostonpops.html. Josh Ritter is playing with the Boston Pops on June 27th! Makes up for M. Ward dropping out of a similar gig last year.

  4. fatherscott

    Me gusta banjo.

  5. Perry Ellis

    Moi aussi. Beaucoup.

  6. I saw that Josh Ritter thing. Should be pretty cool. Are you planning on going, Chris?

  7. Damn, lucky bastid. Playoff basketball in Boston is always incredible. They(Perk) hooked me up with some tickets for a Memphis game in Jan, which was sweet. I’m just hoping for a SA/Boston finals, maybe I can get into one game then!

    Powe is just a class act, so easy to like the guy. If you read his back story, you only develop a huge amount of respect for him.

  8. Perry Ellis

    I’m going to read up on him ’cause he really impressed me the other night. SA/Boston would be sweet.

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