These two got special treatment

Pax Arcana

I’m sure the local news affiliates (except Fox, obviously) will be all over this one tonight, but apparently federal authorities are investigating whether Boston-based agents of the U.S. marshal’s office improperly escorted Fox Sports blowhards Joe Buck and Tim McCarver to and from Fenway World Series games last year.

Personally, I don’t give a shit.

But I do have to commend Michael Femia of Bostonist for summing up exactly what I was thinking:

“How those two were in federal custody and escaped deserves a full-blown investigation. There’s got to be something in the Geneva Convention about subjecting a nation to them.”

Marshal faces World Series investigation [Globe]



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5 responses to “These two got special treatment

  1. Perry Ellis

    True story about McCarver: He’s a dirty old man.

    A friend of mine who happened at the time to be a) 18 b) Very attractive and c) A licensed massage therapist gave McCarver a rubdown at his hotel in the 90s, when he would have been well into his 50s. Their discussion of her boyfriend and the business he was trying to start did not stop The Bloviator from hitting on her and asking her out to dinner, an invitation she declined with extreme prejudice. Scumbag.

  2. An ex-ball player a scumbag? Nooooo! But as classless as this and Senor Clemens sounds, none is worse than Karl Malone impregnating a 12 yr old when he was in college.

  3. fatherscott

    Is that true Carl? Do you have a link or anything, I never heard about it…

  4. [Karl Malone] “Karl Malone don’t need to impregnerate little girls. Karl Malone have had greater things weighing on his mind per se and such. The pebble have been snatched from my hand.” [/Karl Malone]

    Re: McCarver — Curiously, Perry’s story doesn’t change my opinion of him.

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