Padre’s mea culpa to 2008 music

Father Scott

You may have noticed that I’ve done a lot of whining around these parts about how 2008 can’t live up to 2007 musically because all my favorite bands and artists put stuff out last year. Then I started reeling off exceptions: My Morning Jacket and Albert Hammond, Jr., both have albums out this summer. This makes me smile.

As it turns out, they’re not alone.

From Paste, Beck is jumping into the equation with an album sometime while the sun is bright and warm and girls are prettier because they smile more and get to wear oversized sunglasses. Anyway, I don’t love Beck, but this is exciting because if he makes another summer-y album (like Guero, with “Girl” and “Que Onda Guero” as the chief examples), I can see it getting some play in the official iPod of Father Scott.

But Beck isn’t alone — one of Padre’s favorite rappers, Common, is also putting out some new shit (that seemed necessary). Common at least had the decency to give us a title (Invincible Summer) and release date (June 24), and the article notes that it will feature Cee-Lo and Gnarls Barkley. It surprisingly didn’t note any Kanye connection — that would certainly be unfortunate. Finding Forever was fantastic and a big step up from Be in my eyes; let’s hope Common keeps the progression going.

A little afternoon cheer:


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  1. I like Scarecrow from that album.

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