The “active breakdown lane” claims another victim

Pax Arcana

A few months ago we asked if anyone out there could explain why Massachusetts highway authorities allow people to drive at high rates of speed in lanes designed expressly to accommodate disabled cars.

No one was able to explain it.

Today we learn that breakdown-lane driving has caused an utterly predictable fatality just a few miles up the road from the workplace:

A car and tractor-trailer truck were involved in the collision in the southbound lanes near Route 9 around 1 p.m.  The driver of the car was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

Officials said the car smashed into the truck, which was parked in the breakdown lane.  The driver of the truck was outside of his vehicle at the time of the wreck, and it’s unknown if he suffered any injuries.

Maybe the driver lost control and smashed into the truck. Maybe he blew a tire and was trying to get over. Maybe he was cut off and swerved to avoid another car.

Or maybe he was operating his vehicle in a manner deemed safe by Massachusetts and still found himself careening toward a broken-down truck with no where to go.

Deadly Crash Shuts Down Part Of Route 128 [WBZ TV]



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3 responses to “The “active breakdown lane” claims another victim

  1. Fallen Angel

    a former employee here got pulled over earlier this year for going 70+ in the breakdown lane. bet you can guess who it was.

  2. If the ticket was for going 70+ the wrong way, I say Franks.

  3. Birch

    I fall habit to using the breakdown lane whenever permissible and there’s even a hint of traffic. And when I do so, I always wonder where I’m supposed to pull over to when I eventually get a flat tire. Guess I’d just have to drive home on my rims….sparks flying and all…

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