Well, that’s one way to do it

Pax Arcana

It’s hard for creative types to get noticed these days, what with all this Internet debris clogging up the superhighway to fame and riches.

One way to do it, apparently, is to set up a Web site that’s all about how bad you suck at your job.

Ad copywriter Yutaka Tsujino was in the market for a new job and wasn’t finding much success, despite winning a few ad industry awards and working on some high-profile campaigns. So to set himself apart, he created YutakaSucks.com, a Web site filled with fake testimonials from colleagues about his poor work.

Here’s a sample, from “colleague” Patrick Horn:

Yutaka is the biggest scumbag I’ve ever been around. He stinks. I know all the ideas he has “come up with” are something he ripped off from weird ads in Japan. You know Japan is a crazy country, so there is tons of weird shit he steals from. It pisses me off because our creative directors here think it’s funny but don’t take us seriously. They think, “Oh, there’s that crazy Japanese guy and his partner again.” Of course I don’t have any real evidence of him stealing ads, but I do know he’s Japanese, so he’s sneaky. I can just sense it.

Tsujino found a great job at Creature, an ad firm in Seattle. The company’s co-counder praised Tsujino’s creative job hunting effort thusly:

“Rarely do these kinds of stunts work unless they are brilliant. After visiting Yutaka’s website and learning about his background and experience, we knew he was a perfect fit for Creature. We thought he was hilarious.”

All of this just makes me extra disappointed in Father Scott. I’ve been telling him he sucks for almost a year now and he hasn’t come up with anything nearly as interesting as this. That kid would be going places if he would just take my word for it. That he sucks.

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