Friday Random 10: Viking Scotch Edition

Pax Arcana

Just because they love monkeying about with the British Isles, the fair-haired cousins of Pax Arcana have decided to pillage the international scotch market by creating their own version of the stuff.

“Hvor er du, Hven?”

Via the Scotch Blog, the latest distillery to get into the game is Hven, named for the island in Sweden on which it is produced. Of course it ain’t really scotch if you don’t use the right ingredients from the right place, so the Vikings sent a few boatloads of marauders (one beserker per boat) abroad to collect:

Initially the cereal is travelling back and forth from Scotland for process, including malting, peating and crushing. Casks for maturing will predominantly be made by US cooperage from selected stocks of American white oak. The micro climate on this ‘island-in-the-stream’ is expected to contribute with a maritime influence to the whisky during its maturation.

I can only assume there’s Irish monk blood used in the peating process.

The songs:

Superfly — Curtis Mayfield
Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye — The Black Crowes
Theme from the Black Hole — Parliament
The Equestrian — Les Savvy Fav
Yoland Hayes — Fountains of Wayne
Alpha Rats Nest — The Mountain Goats
Requiem — M. Ward
Gumboots — Paul Simon
Emily Jean Stock — Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Cannonball — The Breeders

Bonus video:

Sixteen (live) — Iggy Pop and the Destroyers

The Rules: The Friday Random 10 is exactly that — random. We open up our iTunes, set the thing on shuffle, and listen to 10 songs. We are not permitted to skip any out of embarrassment or fear of redundancy. Commenters are encouraged to post their own.


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12 responses to “Friday Random 10: Viking Scotch Edition

  1. Perry Ellis

    1 – Crucifixion Cruise, The Hold Steady
    2 – New Mate, Figurine
    3 – After Hours (live), The Velvet Underground
    4 – Lurch, Kristen Hersh
    5 – Motor, Bitch Magnet
    6 – Midnight Log, The Clash
    7 – Reformat (Dramatic Reading), Les Savy Fav
    8 – Ten Years Gone, Led Zeppelin
    9 – Someone is Waiting, Neutral Milk Hotel
    10 – Untitled Track, Neutral Milk Hotel

  2. Birch

    “Boatloads of marauders”. “Maraud” is one my favorite words. If you ever see how the dictionary defines the verb tense, it’s something like “to make a raid for booty”

    Amazing grace – Dropkick Murphys
    Uneasy – YumYum
    When you sleep – My Bloody Valentine
    Renovating – Buffalo Tom
    I will surround you – Stars Of The Lid
    Slow jam – FourTet
    Book 1: Page 14 – Fantomas
    Moanin’ – Charles Mingus
    Lightning – The Sea and Cake
    Eple – Royksopp

  3. Birch

    oh and if anyone is feeling bored (or feels like not doing work, like me) this has been helping me zone out into an ignorant bliss today…. playing is fun

  4. Perry Ellis

    Wow, is this the first Sea and Cake for the FR10? Nice. I like.

  5. Fallen Angel

    1. The Lashes – Sometimes the Sun
    2. Tool – Sober
    3. All That Remains – This Calling (also my current ringtone)
    4. Peter Bjorn & John – Amsterdam
    5. Kaiser Chiefs – Oh My God
    6. Siouxsie and the Banshees – The Passenger
    7. Mastodon – Colony of Birchmen
    8. Tool – 46 and 2
    9. The Prodigy – Serial Thrilla
    10. Nada Surf – Always Love

  6. 1. Free Heart Lover – Ghostland Observatory
    2. You Turn Me On Im a Radio – Joni Mitchell
    3. El Otro Lado – Josh Rouse (Really like this song)
    4. Young Folks – Kanye West
    5. Swarming of the Bees – Louis XIV
    6. Universal Soldier – Donovan
    7. Down at McDonnelzz – Electric Six
    8. Fistful of Sand – The Bravery
    9. Bartender – Dave Matthews Band (bleh and this is on my itunes because…) (man this song is long…quite the masturbatory finish)
    10. Acadian Driftwood – The Band (live at the Last Waltz) – Song always makes me a little homesick even if its 95 today in Austin. “Set my compass north, Ive got winter in my blood”

  7. I have switched my THS & SXSW review to a re-cap of a bunch of shit Ive seen lately. Focusing on New Releases and the tours. We’ll see if I actually finish it. Realized I was pretty drunk during the THS show, appropriately, and my recollections are kind of fuzzy.

  8. Perry Ellis

    Aw, phooey. Disappointed!!!

  9. Well I could sit there and do some Porn-o-lism and talk about them on stage or something, but really it would just discredit the live show.

    Craig’s lips glistened as he screamed White Noise at the crowd pulsed with energy…

    just can’t do it. I’d expect more of a Hunter S. Thompson approach, just random musings and bull shit.

    Ever get into “Lifter Puller”, Craigs first band?

  10. Colin

    1. “The Way,” Fastball
    2. “Permanent Daylight” (live), Radiohead
    3. “Addicted to Love,” Robert Palmer
    4. “Self Esteem,” The Offspring
    5. “American Baby” (live), Dave Matthews Band
    6. “Hungry Heart,” Bruce Springsteen
    7. “Bulls on Parade” (live), Rage Against the Machine
    8. “The Boy,” Smashing Pumpkins
    9. “You Got Lucky,” Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
    10. “Dead,” My Chemical Romance

  11. Perry Ellis

    Spackler: LOVE the Lftr Pllr. Fiestas and Fiascos is really good. Backtracking from THS, it’s interesting to see how their sound/sensibility evolved.

  12. Goodwater

    1. Send her my love – Journey
    2. Again I go unnoticed – Dashboard Confessional
    3. Gravedigger – Dave Matthews
    4. Sparrow over Birmingham – Josh Rouse
    5. Forever my friend – Ray Lamontagne
    6. Walkaways – Counting Crows
    7. Today – Smashing Pumpkins
    8. Lay low – My Morning Jacket
    9. Angel – Matt Nathanson
    10. After the rain – The Samples

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