First one to make a “gay Paree” joke gets punched in the face

Pax Arcana

I have bidness in Berlin next week, but because I like to travel the old fashioned way — by steamship, and with heavy trunks hauled by obsequious porters —  I’ll be taking off tonight.

The Mrs. Pax Arcana charmante et judicieux and I will first alight to Paris, where they speak French and have interesting towers and art stuff. There I plan to abscond with contraband raw milk cheese wrapped in a sock.

On Friday we head to Berlin to hassle the Hoff.

I’ll be there until next Thursday, trying desperately to find Father Scott some authors who can deliver on time and without embarrassing delays. Also I have some of my own work to do.

I’ll try to post whenever I get a chance over there. But don’t hold your breath.

Au Revoir und auf Wiedersehen.


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