Perry Inebriata: Oregon distillers can’t spell

Perry Ellis

They don’t know their Scotch from their whiskey, either, apparently.

    This would be whisky. A whole lot of malty, peaty whisky. Mmmmm, whisky.

From the Highball Distillery comes the welcome news that a group of 14 Beaver State distillers are starting a guild. Its reason for being? “[T]o promote Oregon spirits and to provide a forum for local distillers to communicate with one another.”

That’s all well and good, but judging from this piece in Willamette Week Online, those boozehounds might want to brush up on their nomenclature:

“‘It’s a gamble, but I have a lot of confidence in my skills,’ says co-owner and distiller Lee Medoff. ‘I don’t know how things will age in this climate. But I want everything to be local—water, woods, grains.’

Like his distillery, Medoff wants his ‘whisk(e)y’—the (e) refers to the fact that the pair hasn’t decided on the English or Scotch spelling of the liquor yet—to be Northwest-specific, something as distinguishable as scotch or bourbon.”

As any self-respecting sot like us knows, the only potable that can lay claim to the whisky spelling is Scoth. That is, the brown water made in Scotland (and only in Scotland).

So our vote for the guild’s first order of business is to sober up a tad and get your spelling straight. Then pack up some of that good stuff and send it back East. Pronto.

Seriously, guys. All this talk is making us thirsty



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3 responses to “Perry Inebriata: Oregon distillers can’t spell

  1. Ever notice that when Pax leaves this turns into a sports and booze blog? Well, I guess all we lose is zombies and technology, but still, it certainly is different.

  2. Colin

    I hope these distillers are successful in starting a guild. Otherwise it would be a shame to see them shipped off to the Idaho bureau.

  3. Perry Ellis

    Yeah, whiskey’s just not the same when it’s made from potatos. And Padre, you forgot to add Bob Mould/Husker Du to the topics list while the Scandinavian Doofus is away.

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