Suck on your boobie (Gibson)

Father Scott

This has already gotten plenty of attention around the NBA blogosphere, but I’m not sure it’s made its way into the Boston eclectic humor blogosphere (of which none can deny Pax Arcana runs).

JE Skeets and Tas Melas at The Basketball Jones put together a rap song that appears to be untitled but should be called “Fuck LeBron Up,” in which “Brian Scalabrine” (Skeets) attempts to “finish something that Deshawn Stevenson and the Washington Wizards couldn’t.” Now that the Cavs are making a series of this and Boston columnists are making the subsequent Zakim bridge-jumping references, it might be nice to laugh a little. And if you don’t laugh at the line “when I’m on the court 1.8 points son, extrapolate that over 40 minutes now who’s the chosen one?” and imagine Scal trying to take on LeBron, well, maybe you just don’t like basketball fake diss rap tracks. But either way it’s funny.

And for what it’s worth, JE and Tas do a great podcast fairly regularly over at The Basketball Jones — it’s really well produced and a great listen. Maybe Perry and I will put a couple together while Pax is eating cheese and trying to convince Mrs. Pax to partake in a threesome with some hairy-legged chain-smoking 85 pound chick.

As for tonight’s game, I’m sure Celtics fans are brimming with confidence now that the Cs are back in town and we all assume that they’ll flip their switch back to “awesome.” But color me officially worried (what color is worried? Probably lavender? No, that’s sexually available. How about puce?).

We still haven’t seen that good of a game from LeBron James, who is better at basketball than anyone in the world is at anything (might not be as much of an exaggeration as you think). And the series is tied. Four games of information should be enough for Bron to figure out how to exploit Boston’s defense. Meanwhile, the offense has looked pretty dreadful, and the way Doc has yanked Rondo’s minutes around in the name of Sam Cassell has me worried. I think Rondo’s confidence is shot (not that his blog shows it), which is a shame. Ray Allen hasn’t hit a basket in three and a half weeks, and Garnett continues to pass up dunks to kick it to Scot Pollard in street clothes. I see a Pierce-James battle, and the winner between those two takes the game.



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4 responses to “Suck on your boobie (Gibson)

  1. Birch

    I almost wish the Celtics would lose tonight at home, just so they’re forced to win one road game to move on. The fact they could win the Finals without winning one game on the road bugs me. If that happened, I know I would think of this year’s title with a sort of mental asterisk – “our champions who couldn’t win one stinking playoff game without the comfort of their adoring fans by their side to provide positive reinforcement.”

  2. I just wish Garnett would realize that he can’t be stopped and drop 40 on the Cavs tonight. But he’ll take 7 shots and we’ll be forced to see if Ray and Paul can shoot better than 35%.

  3. Gay Cow

    dont worry they have no chance of winning it all, you boston fans are delusional

  4. You’re probably right. Every time I think I may not be delusional, gay cows start talking to me.

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