Friday Random 10: He Just Smiled and Took Away my Vegemite Sandwich Edition

Pax Arcana

[Ed Note: This post was written a few days ago. The situation in question may be resolved at this time.]

Via Reuters, China has banned all nations competing in the Olympics from bringing their own food — insisting instead that they source all nourishment from the totally-not-tainted fields of the empire itself. Obviously the Americans are going to ignore the ban outright, then “liberate” any IOC members that threaten sanctions.

The Australians, on the other hand, are going through official channels. Their beef? Not beef — Vegemite. They have appealed the now-famous “vegemite ban” to the Chinese government, insisting that their athletes need every advantage they can get to come in fourth behind two Americans and a guy from Trinidad and Tobago.

Vegemite, a dark, savory spread made from yeast extract, is not to everyone’s taste but it is a crucial ingredient in most Australians’ kitchens, used widely on toast, in sandwiches, and as a stock for cooking.

Australian Olympic team nutritionist Professor Louise Burke told the Herald Sun newspaper that having such home-grown products is crucial to the athletes’ peace of mind.

“A lot of the food we are taking is not readily available in China. They do not tend to make cereals … or the muesli bars that our athletes love,” Burke said.

I’m no fan of Vegemite, but I have tried running after eating a Lo Mein-based energy bar. It was not a good scene.

The songs:

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band — The Beatles
Soul Limbo — Booker T. & the MG’s
City Song — Matt Pond PA
We are Wolves — Magique
Discipline — Nine Inch Nails
Rosebud — Ryan Adams
Suggestion — Fugazi
One More Robot — The Flaming Lips
Secret Heart — Feist
Psychic Swelling — Black Moth Super Rainbow + The Octopus Project

Bonus Video:

Via Con Me (It’s Wonderful), Live — Paolo Conte

The Rules: The Friday Random 10 is exactly that — random. We open up our iTunes, set the thing on shuffle, and listen to 10 songs. We are not permitted to skip any out of embarrassment or fear of redundancy. Commenters are encouraged to post their own.

Aussies appeal to Beijing on crucial item – Vegemite [Reuters]



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7 responses to “Friday Random 10: He Just Smiled and Took Away my Vegemite Sandwich Edition

  1. these posts would’ve been so much cooler if you were dead.

  2. Perry Ellis

    In honor of our IT Duane, who is awesome and just installed iTunes on my work machine, here’s my list:

    1 – Elevation, U2
    2 – Crazeology, Miles Davis & John Coltrane
    3 – My Funny Valentine, Etta James
    4 – I Am Vision, I Am Sound, Bob Mould
    5 – Mothers of the Disappeared, U2
    6 – Where Does the Good Go, Tegan & Sara
    7 – My Darlin’ New Orleans, Lil’ Queenie & the Percolators
    8 – Hello Love, The Be Good Tanyas
    9 – Silver Palomino, Bruce Springsteen
    10 – No City, Aesop Rock

  3. 1. You Don’t Know Me At All – Bettye LaVette
    2. Quiet – Paul Simon
    3. I Ain’t Superstitious – Howlin’ Wolf
    4. Cool – Lupe Fiasco
    5. Walk Believer Walk – The Black Crowes
    6. Right Moves (Live at the 9:30) – Josh Ritter
    7. You Got Yr Cherry Bomb – Spoon (overplayed in Austin to ad nauseam)
    8. Keep On Grooving [Prod. By Stephen Marley & Ghetto Youths Crew] – Damien Jr Gong Marley
    9. Blood from a Heart of Stone – Van Hunt (from Popular the so far unreleased really fucking good album)
    10. That’s How Strong My Love Is – Otis Redding

    OTIS!!! OTIS!!! OTIS!!!

  4. Be Good Tanyas are surprisingly good.

  5. Birch

    Do lo mein-based energy bars come with complimentary tablets of Immodium?

    Dntel – the dream of evan and chan
    The New Deal – birds in the ocean
    Anthrax – only
    Muhoney – i’m spun
    Anthrax – black lodge
    Portishead – sour times
    Do Make Say Think – auberge le mouton noir
    Husker Du – monday will never be the same
    White Shoes & The Couples Company – tentang cita
    Miles Davis – freddie freeloader

  6. Still no Men At Work reference with the Vegemite, Im shocked.
    Buying bread from a man in brussels
    He was six foot four and full of muscles
    I said, do you speak-a my language?
    He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich

  7. Perry Ellis

    “And I threw it back in his face because Vegemite is disgusting.”

    Yes, Birch, you get the A-D with the lo-mein bar, but it costs an extra 25 cent.

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