Where mock drafts happen

Father Scott

Pax runs the blogroll here at Pax Arcana, and rightly so — it would have about 25 NBA blogs added to it if I started to edit. But I can’t resist giving props to a new blog devoted to one of my favorite sports pasttimes — the NBA draft.

Matt and Corn from Hardwood Paroxysm, the official NBA blog of Father Scott, have started a blog devoted solely to NBA draft-related commentary, Ridiculous Upside. They’ve already posted two mock drafts — a knee-jerk v1 and then a follow-up with a little more thought. They’ve got some great insight into their thinking and include all the expection discretion, such as how the draft order isn’t even set yet.

A few thoughts from the Padre on their v1.5 (of which I’ve posted the lottery):

Ridiculous Upside Mock Draft v1.5

1. Miami Heat – Derrick Rose
2. Seattle/Oklahoma City Sonics – Michael Beasley
3. Minnesota Timberwolves – OJ Mayo
4. Memphis Grizzlies – Brook Lopez
5. New York Knicks – Anthony Randolph
6. LA Clippers – Jerryd Bayless
7. Milwaukee Bucks – DJ Augustin
8. Charlotte Bobcats – Eric Gordon
9. Chicago Bulls – Kevin Love
10. New Jersey Nets – DeAndre Jordan
11. Indiana Pacers – Darrell Arthur
12. Sacramento Kings – Russell Westbrook
13. Portland Trailblazers – Danilo Gallinari

1. I think they’re right that Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley will go 1-2, in that order. I’m not sold on either. I think people are projecting all over Rose — I see him becoming Jason Terry, which is fine, but not no. 1 overall fine. And who knows what’s going to happen to Beasley. Great talent, but he looks awfully lazy on the court to me. I think he plays kind of soft for his size.

If I get the no. 1 pick, I look long and hard at trading it. Let’s say, for instance, that the Heat end up no. 1, as they should. They’ve got Dwyane Wade, Shawn Marion (should they bring him back), a couple of nice pieces in Udonis Haslem and Dorell Wright, and are in pretty good financial shape (save for Marcus Banks, but that’s a big step back from Shaq). Why wouldn’t they deal the pick for someone more established? They’re really one impact player from contending again. If the Wizards blow everything up, you could see a sign-and-trade involving Arenas. Everyone and their mom is rumoring that Denver will look to move Melo — this would be a great spot. I think the idea I like the best is some kind of sign-and-trade for Elton Brand. The Clippers are constantly rebuilding, true, but they don’t have the pieces to compete in the West. Imagine if they could get this pick, then snag OJ Mayo (even if they had to trade up to do so) with their own pick? If you’re a believer in Rose, that’s a pretty exciting move toward the future.

2. The fact that Brook Lopez is considered a top-tier prospect is no less than hilarious to me. Yes, I saw him dominate down the stretch in a couple of tournament games. You know why? There are no reasonably mobile big men in college to defend his hook shot. His absolute upside is Ilgauskas, but he’s more likely to be a career backup. Naturally, the TWolves will probably end up with him.

3. The Clippers need some buzz — find a way to get Mayo.

4. I love the idea (get it?) of Kevin Love to the Bulls. Love, Noah, and Ty Thomas is a pretty nice front court moving forward.

5. If the Celtics end up with Ty Lawson, I would probably scream in delight. I love Rondo, but it never hurts to have another point guard on the roster, and if we’ve learned anything in these playoffs, it’s that the Cs don’t have a viable backup. I like Lawson, too.


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  1. perkisabeast

    I am pining for Billy Walker or Chris Douglas Roberts. We need to upgrade at two guard.

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