Pax Inebriata: Berliner Weisse mit Schuss grun

Perry Ellis

Pax may be busy crossing Western Europe, but the man’s devotion never ceases. Straight from Berlin (and his new Nikon digital) comes this image, of a snifter of Berliner Weiss beer (sampled at the request of Perry Ellis, who was always curious about the brew but had no idea it resembled nuclear sludge. But that’s the Paxman for you, always ready to take one for the team):

Let’s hope Pax Arcana doesn’t come home with three eyes like Blinky the fish
after sampling this elixir.

We’ll have to wait for his return for a report on the good, the bad and the tangy, but for now we leave you with this, courtesy of Wikipedia:

“Berliner Weisse contains only around 2.8% vol of alcohol, making it one of the weakest German beers. It is top-fermented, slightly barm-clouded and relatively sour, so the taste of Berliner Weiße differs significantly from other German wheat beers. The optimal drinking temperature is 8 to 10 °C.

It is served in a large goblet with a straw. Due to the sour taste, it is commonly drunk mixed with raspberry (Himbeersirup), lemon (Zitronensirup), or woodruff (Waldmeistersirup) syrup, and is then called Weiße mit Schuss (“Weiße with a shot [of Syrup]”) creating Berliner Weiße rot, gelb or grün respectively. This mixed-drink is very refreshing in the hot summer months and is served throughout Berlin.”



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2 responses to “Pax Inebriata: Berliner Weisse mit Schuss grun

  1. Sorry about the grot confusion. I meant grun. Was typing on my iPhone from Germany (yeah, suck on it, Padre).

    I’ll give you all a full recap in the days after I get back Thursday, but here’s the basic rundown on the Berliner Weisse mit Schuss — it tastes just like it’s described: like week beer with flavored syrup in it.

    Much more impressive are the various dunkels (dark beer), hefeweissens (Kristall and regular), and pilsners.

    Wait til you see the pictures of my pig’s knuckle by the way.

  2. Perry Ellis

    Sorry to jump the gun on ya Pax but that pic was too good to hold back. Eagerly awaiting the word on the various biers you got to sample (and Pax Pigknucklorama too!)

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