Make it so, Number One

Perry Ellis

The ink was barely dry on the landmark ruling in California last week legalizing gay marriage in that state before George Takei, better know as Hikaru Sulu, announced plans to marry his 21-year companion Brad Altman.

You go George! From an internment camp during World War II to the farthest reaches of the galaxy to (hopefully) marital bliss, it’s been quite a journey. Best wishes from all of us here at Pax Arcana, George. Now gear up for the worst experience of your life: Wedding invitations.




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7 responses to “Make it so, Number One

  1. Number one? How about the number one single off the new HS album? Sequestered In Memphis now available for stream on their myspace site!!

  2. Ah, fuck streaming….

    [audio src="" /]

  3. Perry Ellis

    Why does the mix sound so fuzzy on these? Compare it to “Stuck Between Stations” on the MySpace page – stark difference. What gives?

  4. No Se. But its better than the poor live recordings on Youtube.

  5. Esquire

    Let’s give credit where credit is due, though. Ellen and her girl-toy Portia de Rossi beat Sulu and his boy-toy to the punch.

  6. Perry Ellis

    It’s not a race, Esquire. Wait, yes it is. It’s a race to get hitched before California voters approve the anti-gay marriage amendment to the state constitution in November. If the amendment passes, and millions of gays and lesbians from around the country have tied the knot in the meantime, what will happen to their unions?

  7. Esquire

    They’ll still be valid in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, I’m sure.

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