Wear your garbage to work

Pax Arcana

If you love the environment, and by “love the environment,” I mean “want to buy new stuff that makes you feel better than others,” then Sears has the fashion must-have for the Spring.

The Bagir EcoGIR suit not only looks like a $200 suit (actual price: $200), it’s also made from recycled plastic bottles.

Bagir’s suits will also be the first in the world to carry a carbon footprint label. A carbon emissions label, they say, will help educate consumers to let them know how much greenhouse gas causing carbon dioxide emissions, or its equivalent, was created during the manufacturing and shipping process.

“Recycled bottles save 77 percent of the carbon emissions that go into suit production,” said Moshe Gadot, the director of global development and marketing, when we talked with him for an article in ISRAEL21c. Working with the UK consultancy, Greenstone Carbon Management, Bagir now also works to educate consumers about using lower temperature wash cycles and have started to ship more products by sea.

The company’s ultimate dream, says Gadot, is to one day see the entire tailored clothing industry go green and “retired” suits get recycled into new products. “Eco was a strong direction for our company so we started working with consultants and found a few threats,” he said.

Materials scientists from MIT said a suit made from recycled bottles presents two possible problems. The first is that it may degrade in warm climates. The second is the difficulty of unscrewing your fly when you’re drunk.

Sears Sells Bagir’s Recycled PET Bottle Suit on Father’s Day [Tree Hugger]



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2 responses to “Wear your garbage to work

  1. Kae

    The English store Marks & Spencer has been selling trousers made from PET for the past couple of years, mainly as seperates for a line of school uniforms. While the styling of the garment from Sears shown here isn’t great, we should applaud the resourceful nature of this type of adaptive reuse and recycling of materials., and the buyers at Sears for selecting such an innovative product.

  2. Editor’s note: The styling shown here is purely fictional. I have no idea what an actual EcoGIR suit looks like.

    That said, I agree that Sears should be applauded for this. I may even head over there this week to check them out for myself.

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