Your menu is lying to you

Pax Arcana

I have a bit of news to share this morning, but first I want you to brace yourselves.

You ready?

As it turns out, those nutritional information guides at chain menus are less accurate than Ray Allen in the postseason.

According to a Scripps-Howard investigation, major “casual dining” chains understate the amount of fat and calories in their “health-conscious” menu sections by enough to make your heart explode on contact:

Items were packed in coolers and sent to Analytical Labs in Boise, Idaho. Technicians performed nutritional tests, determining the items’ caloric and fat contents. They did so by breaking the food down in a simulated digestion process.

The lab separated fat and other molecules, then measured them. After determining the amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates in each meal, the lab was able to calculate the overall number of calories.

The Macaroni Grill sample showed the widest variance from the menu’s claims. Its “Pollo Margo Skinny Chicken,” which was supposed to have 500 calories, actually had 1,022, according to the testing. The chicken dinner was supposed to have 6 grams of fat. It had 49.

Right now you’re thinking, “Man, if I’m the owner of some of these chains, I just got busted red-handed. I’d better own up to it.”

That’s why you don’t run a corporate PR consultancy, dumbass.

Quick! To the Douche Cave! We must blame the customer!

A spokesman for the company that owns Macaroni Grill apologized for the incorrect nutritional information.

“On occasion, in restaurant preparation, portion size variances and guest customization of menu items can impact nutritional content,” a company spokesman said in a statement. “To the extent that any of the items were not prepared to our exacting standards, we apologize to our valued guests.”

Your valued guests would accept your apology, but they’re too busy holding down these damn levitating fire hydrants.

Restaurant menu promises buried in calories, fat [Seattle P-I]



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5 responses to “Your menu is lying to you

  1. It sounds like they weren’t using the Fat Free Feta. I don’t eat at the Macaroni Grille/Olive Garden too often, but I do think its funny that people blame the restaurant not themselves. Its the restaurant thats making them fat, not the lack of exercise/activity! Guess what Diet Soda doesnt help you lose weight either, it just doesnt have any sugar, so a Big Gulp of Diet Pepsi is not good for you!

    Course that doesnt excuse lying on the Nutritional Info, which is or should be illegal.

  2. The big problem, in terms of weight loss, with those places is portion size. A small portion of ribs with a small side of fried potatoes and a few veggies is usually better for you than a heapin’ bowl of baked chicken and broccoli with Omega 3 olive oil and six inches of french bread on the side.

  3. Perry Ellis

    That’s why I get the Barbecue Belt at Redbone’s, because 4 pounds of fatty, smoked pork ribs and beef brisket with beans and slaw is better for you than a heapin’ bowl of baked chicken and broccoli with Omega 3 olive oil and six inches of french bread on the side. Oh, and toss in a couple of beers too. My body is a temple.

  4. Ummm, no it IS the restaurants fault. I have lost about 67lb by calorie counting and exercising more. If I allocate 500 calories for something and the restaurant LIES and its really 1000 that means that everything I did that day is wasted…I never assumed the accuracy was dead on I would over estimate the calories by 100 but a 500 calorie difference is HUGE. Shame on them…I have already cut back on how much I eat out, this will motivate me more to prepare my own sh*t

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