Ctutu’s blowdarts not working at all

Pax Arcana

Hmmmm, Ctutu feeling pleasant today. Fermented masticated yucca root drinks last night really hit spot, and Ctutu think Mwewete really coming around on idea of second bone in Ctutu nose.

Maybe this afternoon, before go hunting with Rwutu, Ctutu take short walk around encampment. Maybe pray to Axlxyyz for less rain during monkey hunt next week.

Huh? What that noise? Sound like Mwewete snoring but louder and up in sky where Axlxyyz live… getting louder.

Hmmm. Probably nothing. Ctutu just hearing things again. Maybe tomorrow see medicine man for…


Rwutu! Rwutu!

[Running back to camp]


Rwutu, wake up! Giant screaming bird circles encampment!! Quick! Grab blowgun and bow and arrow!!

What is it? It fly like bird and sound like loud snoring. Blowdarts not hitting it! Arrows not reaching!! Shoot more arrow Rwutu!!! MORE ARROW! MORE BLOW!!!!

Phew. It gone. Ctutu need fermented masticated yucca drink, pronto. Make it double.

Rare uncontacted tribe photographed in Amazon [Reuters]



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3 responses to “Ctutu’s blowdarts not working at all

  1. Perry Ellis

    “We admit we’ve also been a bit perturbed at how Anderson treats race. It’s not we think he’s racist. But he does seem to include an awful lot of brown-skinned characters in his movies as loyal sidekicks (Pagoda in The Royal Tenenbaums), meek love interests (Margaret Yang in Rushmore, Ines in Bottle Rocket, or Henry Sherman in The Royal Tenenbaums), or plain old sight gags.”

    And what if make red man talkum funny? If I didn’t know you were colorblind…

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