Friday Random 10: Radiohead v. Prince Edition

Pax Arcana

You may remember when Pax Arcana brought you the pretty-cool video of twisted purple water nymph Prince performing Radiohead’s “Creep” at the Coachella music festival. Well don’t bother clicking that link this time, because the lavender leprechaun had his lawyers go and remove it from the Internets.

Which struck Radiohead’s Thom Yorke as pretty strange, considering it’s his fucking song:

“Really? He’s blocked it?” asked Yorke, who figured it was their song to block or not. “Surely we should block it. Hang on a moment.”

Yorke added: “Well, tell him to unblock it. It’s our … song.”

Which pretty much sums up my thoughts on Prince:

Million dollar talent + ten cent head.

On to the songs:

Communist Daughter — Neutral Milk Hotel
Flip Your Wig — Husker Du
All the Rage — Cary Brothers
Moonlight — Bob Dylan
Karma Police — Radiohead
A97 I Was A Lover — TV on the Radio
Springer Show — The Asskickers
Stacy’s Mom — Fountains of Wayne
All My Friends — LCD Soundsystem
Moby Octopad — Yo La Tengo

Bonus Video:

No One Knows — Queens of the Stone Age, Live at Reading

The Rules: The Friday Random 10 is exactly that — random. We open up our iTunes, set the thing on shuffle, and listen to 10 songs. We are not permitted to skip any out of embarrassment or fear of redundancy. Commenters are encouraged to post their own.



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8 responses to “Friday Random 10: Radiohead v. Prince Edition

  1. 1. Let the Good Times Roll – Louis Jordan (van morrison’s juke box – if you dont have it, buy it!)
    2. Two (alternate christmas lights video version) – Ryan Adams
    3. Five Years – David Bowie
    4. Next to the Last Romantic – Josh Rouse
    5. I Want You So Hard – Eagles of Death Metal
    6. I Know I’m Not Wrong – Fleetwood Mac
    7. I Feel Free – Cream (Fuckin classic)
    8. Mama Tried – Grateful Dead (Cornell 77)
    9. What I Did In The Street – Barbara King
    10. Awake – The Frequency

  2. I swear I posted my ten already, not sure what happened.

  3. Damn WordPress thought you were spam.

  4. If at first you don’t succeed…

    Here is my second random ten ( the first ten were pretty sweet too)…

    1. Ghost of a Friend – Supergrass
    2. Beautiful Girl – George Harrison (heard Beautiful Boy by Lennon today also, odd)
    3. Since I Been Loving You – Led Zepplin
    4. Bridge Over Troubled Water – Aretha Franklin
    5. Acadian Driftwood – The Band (set my compass north Ive got winter in my blood)
    6. Fine Young Cannibals – Wolf Parade
    7. Space Humping $19.99 – Lifter Puller
    8. Smoke Rings – Sam Cooke
    9. Maggie’s Farm – Stephen Malkmus & The Million Dollar Bashers
    10. Tell Me – Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings

    Nothing new for Prince and Youtube by the way, I mean the guy went after a dancing infant.

    And my youtube video:

  5. Damn wordpress, now Ive got two tens.

  6. And you’re worth every penny…

  7. Perry Ellis

    Friday Random 10: Perry Ellis 1st Anniversary Edition

    1 – The Fool on the Hill, the Beatles
    2 – Dirty Day (Junk Day Mix), U2
    3 – Running Dry (Requiem for the Rockets), Neil Young
    4 – Smithers-Jones, the Jam
    5 – The Match Game, Otis Redding
    6 – Shelter from the Storm, Bob Dylan
    7 – Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie
    8 – Le Monde, Thievery Corporation
    9 – Criss Cross, Miles Davis & Thelonius Monk
    10 – Mr. Big Stuff, Jean Knight

  8. poisoned dwarf

    1. World Before Columbus – Suzanne Vega
    2. I’ll Fly Away – Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch
    3. Lot 105 – Blur
    4. Uncontrollable Urge – Devo
    5. Revolution – The Beatles
    6. Hey Ya! – Outkast
    7. Music: Response – The Chemical Brothers
    8. The Figurehead – The Cure
    9. We Are All Prostitutes – The Pop Group
    10. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots – The Flaming Lips

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