Kids these days are all duct-tapey

Pax Arcana

The kids pictured above are Leo Marcolino and Chance Mitchell. The Somerville High seniors decided a few months back to give their proms a distinct DIY flair by sewing a dress and tuxedo out of colored duct tape:

It took her two months, $112, and 60 yards of purple and yellow duct tape to make a two-piece dress and a three-piece suit for her date. She even sported a duct tape corsage, and duct taped nails.

Mitchell made the skirt and dress to win $3,000 for college in a contest called Stuck at Prom, a national web-based Project Runway for teens and their duct-tape prom dresses. Across the country, 19 pairs entered the contest. Mitchell and Marcolino are the only entrants from Massachusetts.

My own senior prom took place during the sad era of foppish wedge haircuts and multicolor rental bowties and cummerbunds. I think my prom theme was “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men.

Had I thought, for one second, that it was possible to forego all that and do it with duct tape, I’d have reconsidered my entire approach. There’s no way you’re not getting laid at prom with a trunk full of duct tape. Wait, that came out wrong. I meant to say that drunk high school girls are easy to have sex with if you’ve got enough duct tape.

The way to get noticed at the prom: Wear a dress of duct tape [Somerville Journal]


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