What a crappy week

Perry Ellis

We missed this last week, so we’re a little late to the wake, but just after learning of Bo Diddley’s death we found out Harvey Korman died.

That’s Hedley.

For our money, Blazing Saddles is the best movie ever made. You can have your Citizen Kanes, your Casablancas, your Schindler’s Lists. We’ll take Blazing Saddles every time. And Korman was a big reason for that.

R.I.P., you hilarious bastard. Thanks for all the laughs.




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2 responses to “What a crappy week

  1. Is Schindler’s List on anyone’s actual list?

  2. Perry Ellis

    Dunno, I just couldn’t come up with a third classic on the spot. Probably not. But it’s still not as good as Blazing Saddles.

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