Open Letter to Lucy the Blog

Perry Ellis

Dearest Lucy,

Today is June 4. You have not posted anything on your blog since May 16. Nor have you responded to comments left on said blog, though they are truly insightful and hilarious (Pop!).

We are worried about you. Have you nuked the fridge? Did someone give you a nasty gooseface?

Please, Lucy, come out of the doghouse and play. We miss you terribly.


Your loyal readers

I can haz new postings pleez?



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5 responses to “Open Letter to Lucy the Blog

  1. Mudcrutch!!


  2. Perry Ellis

    Downloaded Mudcrutch but couldn’t open the file, Spacks. What kind of file is .rar.

  3. You should be able to download a free trial of something like BitZipper that can extract files from a .rar file. Just Google .rar and things will pop up. You may be able to rename the download .zip too. Try that first.

  4. Yeah, winrar is the software for PC’s, I think unrar is the software for mac’s. Im on a mac, but stuffit should also work too. .zip, .sit, .tar, .pkg, .rar are all basically the same thing just different brands.

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