Coco loco

Perry Ellis

We missed this last night, because these days we’re more about basketball than baseball (for one thing, it’s only June and for another, the Celtics & Lakers are tilting for the milkshake trophy), but apparently Coco Crisp (insert sugary cereal joke here) pitched a nutty last night in the Lyric Little Bandbox:

“I will break you!”

Wait, it gets better. That wasn’t the only spat of the night, evidently, because The Greek God of Walks and Manny “Wherever They Pitch It I Hit It” Ramirez got into a little kerfluffle in the dugout:

“Looks like Youkilis questioned Manny on either not playing in the outfield or not doing enough in the brawl and Manny reacted and they had to be separated.”

It’s true. Baseball really is all about chemistry.


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2 responses to “Coco loco


    I’ve heard Youk is a dick. Manny is the man, don’t fuck with the Jesus.

  2. Crisp stood by his locker after the game, smiling, with the remnants of the brawl on his face. He had scratches on his forehead and a red abrasion under his left eye. His nose looked slightly swollen.

    “The scratches on my face are from people trying to scratch like we’re playing football or something,” he said. “Like little girls, trying to scratch out my eyes.”

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