Metallica is retarded

Pax Arcana

While we once owned — and were scared of — Master of Puppets and their eponymous 1991 smash album, we’ve found it awfully difficult to like the boys in Metallica for the last decade or so.

First they released Load, which was an appropriate title for that steaming lump of overwrought ridiculousness. Then they followed their famous anti-Napster crusade with a decade of decidedly fan-unfriendly screeching about the evils of the Innerwebs and the threat that a cheap distribution platform posed to the poor sad sack musicians on major record labels.

It looks like Lars and the boys are still at it. Techdirt is reporting that a bunch of music journalists were invited to hear songs off the band’s forthcoming album, then went around demanding that reviews based on the “listening party” be taken down from a couple of music Web sites.

Here’s the best part: Apparently, none of the reviews were even negative.

Looks like my mom was right. Listening to that kind of music really does lead to brain damage.

Metallica Still Doesn’t Get It: Forces Early Reviews Of Latest Album Offline [Techdirt]



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14 responses to “Metallica is retarded

  1. Perry Ellis

    As opposed to making that kind of music, for which the prerequisite appears to be having less mental acumen than sack of busted doorknobs.

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    • Patrick

      As soon as I read the line, “Load, which was an appropriate title for that steaming lump of overwrought ridiculousness”, I immediately dismissed any credibility this author might have. Load is a very deep and lyrically provoking album, which, if you were a Metallica fan of any kind, you’d find that it still contains trademark Metallica technique and composition that is very similar to any other metal band today.

      It’s people like you that think that fastest is best, heaviest is the greatest, and the louder it is the better. Granted, MoP is an amazing album, but that’s not the only thing music is about.

      It’s about doing things differently and expressing yourself, which is soundly done in Load and even ReLoad.

      While I can agree that the band members display limited intelligence occasionally, that doesn’t change the MUSIC, does it? If you want to get hung up in the politics rather than the music, you sir, are retarded.

      “I don’t like Metallica’s music because they got into a needless law-suit and I don’t like how they handle the press”. That is essentially what you have said in this article. Well done.

      What an idiotic article.

      • Bridget

        I definitely and totally agree. This would make sense if the author was part of a rock band, and jealous of the legend, expertise and success of Metallica. They are skilled in many ways, and unless you are the guitarist of Dragonforce I would recommend trying to manage a band, and how to write an article.

  3. Metallicaman5000

    Fuck you all metallica will rise on top again.

  4. your the fucking retard

  5. metallicaz

    FU writer u such a faggo metallicas best

  6. MetallicaForever!!!

    Metallica is awesome and idiots like you don’t seem to appreciate that!

  7. you all suck metallicas beast

  8. metallica changed the world of rock 4 ever and theres no changing that they rock my socks off

  9. allie knelange

    alright man,
    your MOM obviously raised you with a silver spoon shoved up your ass. james hetfield has more talent in his pinky finger than you have in your entire being and exsistance…
    bet your a country fan

  10. Metalgirl1300

    Dude, get over yourself. You’re wasting our time.

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