Your beer isn’t full

Pax Arcana

It looks like John McCain’s dementia-fueled pledge to veto beer was just the opening salvo in the war on crisp, cool, alcoholic refreshment. According to this article in the Wall Street Journal, rising beer prices (gas, hops, barley, blah blah blah) nationwide are resulting in a spike in short pours and deceptive glassware.

Check it out:

Two of the world’s biggest glassware makers, Libbey and Cardinal International, say orders of smaller beer glasses have risen over the past year. Restaurateurs “want more of a perceived value,” says Mike Schuster, Libbey’s marketing manager for glassware in the U.S. Glasses with a thicker bottom or a thicker shaft help create the perception. “You can increase the thickness of the bottom part but still retain the overall profile,” he says.

Here’s the helpful graphic:

Obviously it’s pretty hard to tell the difference between the two, especially when you’ve got a supermodel on each muscular thigh like I do whenever I find myself at the Cheesecake Factory.

At least we can take comfort in the fact that restaurants lower their prices accordingly when they’re using the smaller glasses. Right?



The Damon’s Grill restaurant chain switched to 14 ouncers from 16-ounce glasses two years ago and didn’t lower prices. “Someone who comes in and wants a beer doesn’t want a huge glass,” says Tanny Feerer, vice president for purchasing at Damon’s International. “Fourteen ounces is enough.” Since then, the chain has held draft beer prices steady.

Tanny Feerer has a point. There have been plenty of times when I’ve wandered into a Damon’s Grill, parched from a long hot day in my Formula One race car, desperate to consume no more than 14 ounces of beer. I never order a second one, though, because who the hell wants more than 14 ounces of beer?

A Pint-Size Problem [WSJ]



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5 responses to “Your beer isn’t full

  1. Perry Ellis

    It’s incumbent upon every red-blooded Pax Arcanian to sign on to the Honest Pint Project:

    This chintzy, chiseling aggression will not stand!

  2. ZacAttack

    The newest scam in “pints” are the Sam Adams beer glasses that are made for pouring 12 oz. bottles into. Pubs are now serving “pints” in these glasses when they are actually 25% smaller…25% is significant!

  3. maleesha

    You know they sell it in cans like this now, too. I was out on a beer run for the husband…and I was pleasantly surprised to see a sale on a 6-pack. Until, that is, I noticed the cans were a wee bit smaller than normal. I read somewhere they are doing this to other products too…ice cream for example. The price stays the same…you get less.

  4. mrjangles

    Well, it’s at the very least reassuring to see that Australia isn’t the only country in which alcohol consumption is coming under fire.

    Very sneaky with the glasses though, something I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for now.

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