It’s officially time to re-think J.D. Drew

Pax Arcana

With apologies to our good friends at the J.D. Drew Relief Fund (d. 2007), it appears as if the ghost of J.D. Drew’s much-ballyhooed abilities has been haunting the confines of Fenway Park lately.

I’m not going to bother recapping the saga for you, partly because I don’t have time, but mostly because The Smittblog does an awesome job of it already.

Here’s a sample:

By September of last year Drew was the hottest hitter in the lineup and as no Sox fan will forget he hit the game winning Grand Slam in Game 6 and pretty much carried the Sox to the World Series. What was great about that moment is that Drew didn’t take the Sox media bait about “vindication” and “silencing the boos”, he just went about his business and praised the crowd as he’d done all year. Given what he’d endured (silently) all year, it says a lot about Drew that he never waivered throughout.

I suggest you read the whole thing.

JD Drew Is Partying Like It’s 1997! [The Smittblog]



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2 responses to “It’s officially time to re-think J.D. Drew

  1. I started writing a JD Drew vindication post about a month ago but couldn’t figure out the angle. He’s not nearly as bad as I’ve always thought…but he is consistently disappointing. That of course is more our fault (for expectations) than his.

  2. I trusted Epstein and expected a big second season from Drew, and I have been impressed that it actually came to fruition, thus far. Much like Mike Lowell, the fact that Manny is in that lineup day in, day out, makes they’re job at the plate that much easier, which is perfect for both players. They both were relied as #2 or #1 guys in FLA/LA and thats not where they’re going to flourish.

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