Perry Allenation: Perkisabeast, a sage for the ages

Perry Ellis

I’ve been taken to task in comments today by Carl Spackler and The Padre for a shout-out to Ray Allen after his 48-minute tour-de-force in last night’s Fandango at the Forum (yes I know it’s the &^%$%ing Staples Center but I’m old-school, dammit).

But I’ll let the Chief Beaster himself deliver the fittingest of ripostes, in his inimitable, grammatically-challenged, totally boolicious style:

“I am so happy for Ray Allen, who until this series has had a miserable playoffs. I remember after Game 7 against Atlanta, when he was benched for the fourth quarter, Ray came out of the locker room and grabbed his son and daughter up in his arms and buried his face into them, as they hugged him for dear life. Being a father myself I could tell that something was bothering this man deep in his soul the way he clung to his children like that. We may never know just how much of a mental struggle these playoffs have been for that man, but he has pulled himself back up and last night delivered a game for the ages. His drive on Vujajic basically broke that kids soul. He may never be the same. Thank you Ray. Thank you.”

Wise words from a wise man.

So Carl, Padre, with all due respect: RAY. ALLEN. IS. AWESOME.

Saša Vujačić, you whiny little gnat, this is what a real shooter looks like.



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2 responses to “Perry Allenation: Perkisabeast, a sage for the ages

  1. It’s not that I don’t like Ray, or don’t think he was great last night (based on what I heard anyway, I was a sleepy boy and passed out), it’s just that he isn’t really an “awesome” player any more. I watched him a lot this year, and he’s not the guy he was. He has his moments, though, definitely.

  2. Let me go on record as saying Ray is Awesome. Never meant that to be misinterpreted, just was really blown away by Pierce’s all around game from the 2nd quarter on.

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