Follow Father Scott in all his glory

Father Scott

No, I’m not talking about watching me roast Pax Arcana’s proverbial ass on the flag football field. I’m talking about me in my ideal setting, my true calling: as an NBA GM.

Stupid Sideline Reporters has set up an interactive mock draft of the upcoming NBA draft and has sought various bloggers to join the effort. Unlike various high-profile mock drafts or cross-blog activities promoted by major sites like TrueHoop, there appear to be no qualifications, hence me having two teams. I get to decide the futures of Miami (no. 2) and Portland (no. 13), and anticipate being extremely active in the (fake) trade market.

If you’re interested, he’s still trying to fill spots, so go sign up. All you need is an ArmchairGM account and a bucket of dreams.



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8 responses to “Follow Father Scott in all his glory

  1. How deep in the dork forest do you have to live to participate in something like this?

  2. Under a bridge and in a grove, likely in a hut your mother crocheted.

  3. Why would there be a bridge in a grove? Are you just using random words again?

    And for your information, my ass is way more than proverbial.

  4. Under a bridge AND in a grove. In my imaginary land where I live in a CROCHETED HUT, you go under the bridge and reach the grove. The grove is called L’Grove du jezibasu and contains a community of us who like to play cards, skip in the fields, and sometimes try to hang off the bridge (it’s very low, doesn’t even allow canoes to pass under it) and sip water from the brook. This is a very exact, realistic situation, please scrutinize it as such.

    And by the way, next time you criticize someone for being dorky, don’t do so mere hours after sending your friend to your stats for a Boston men’s baseball league. Jesus.

  5. You want to play Magic the Gathering after work today, or do you have a fantasy basketball convention to go to?

  6. Mookie

    Dude, you’re on the clock, go!

  7. Mookie

    Is Fatherscott available?

    Please reply quickly.

  8. See Pax, I’m in demand. All you can say for yourself is that major baseball journalists link to you.

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