Thursday filler showcase: Frightened Rabbit

Pax Arcana

Father Scott and I are tied up in a meeting all day today (we’re deciding whether his beard is more “pirate” or “substitute teacher” with a focus group of nine year olds).

Instead of leaving you completely contentless, I’ve decided to put together a small musical showcase of Frightened Rabbit, a Scottish band I’ve become a fan of recently. As I described them to the kind and luxurious Mrs. Pax Arcana, Frightened Rabbit is what Coldplay would be if Coldplay were more talented.

We’ll start with the video for “Head Rolls Off”

Now let’s check out a live performance. Here’s Frightened Rabbit doing “Old Old Fashioned” at a radio station:

There’s no good quality video of this one, but it’s probably my favorite of the songs on their current album “The Midnight Organ Fight.” The song is called “The Modern Leper”:

That’s all well and good, you say, but what about their personalities? Do they have charming accents? Do they seem like good blokes? Were they sweaty at SXSW this year?

I strongly recommend “The Midnight Organ Fight.” It’s not the most innovative album of all time, but it’s full of top-notch songwriting — and the songs that are not instantaneously impressive have a tendency to grow on you. It’s available on eMusic, iTunes, and Amazon MP3.

I’m sure faithful reader Carl Spackler, who seems to know the scene as well or better than anyone, has some thoughts on these guys. Pax Arcana will be checking them out at TT the Bear’s in Central Square on July 1. Perry Ellis will likely have his hands full — of baby poop — that day, but we’ll try to get a live review up soon after.

Here is the MySpace page if you’re into that kind of thing.



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6 responses to “Thursday filler showcase: Frightened Rabbit

  1. Chris

    Oooh, I’m really digging them at the moment, too. “Old old fashioned” is probably my favorite track.

    But while we’re recommending good new music, I have to plug the Fleet Foxes’ debut self-titled release. It’s like if My Morning Jacket recruited a college Glee club and played acoustic in a secluded meadow. One of the best new things I’ve heard all year. That, and the new album by Jason Collett.

  2. Fleet Foxes seemed to make quite an impression at SXSW this year. I only have White Winter Hymnal, which I like, but it seems like music that’s best in bunches.

  3. Perry Ellis

    Good recommendation, Paxman. Me likey. Now to try some Fleet Foxes on for size. And what’s the deal with all the animal-named bands on this blog anyway? Next you’ll be pushing Def Leppard on us, no doubt.

  4. If anyone is curious, my beard was determined to be “hipster lumberjacky”. It was a useful 4.5 hours.

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  6. Astrid

    I just started listening to these guys too, and I agree they’re really great. I love their song, “The Twist”. I think the Coldplay comment is kind of harsh, their first two albums, especially the second was amazing. Besides Frightened Rabbit sounds much more like early Counting Crows, than Coldplay.

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