Romanian thieves are ballsy

Pax Arcana

I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been questioning my exclusive reliance on Belgian thieves for my highway piracy work. Sure, they like the money. But their tactics are just so, well, borrrrrring.

I’ve been thinking of switching for a while, but wasn’t sure who to give my business to. According to this article, however, the choice is clear:

Six Romanians have been arrested on allegations they stole mobile phones and laptops from the back of a tractor-trailer as they followed it down a German autobahn at 60 miles an hour, Dortmund police said Tuesday.


Let’s hear some more:

In the nighttime darkness, with their lights off, the men drove up behind a transport truck.

Once in place, one man climbed onto the hood of his own car, then used a bolt cutter to break a lock on the trailer door before heaving it open and climbing inside. He then handed boxes of electronics back to a second man on the car hood, who loaded them into the thieves’ vehicle, Radecke said.

A second car blocked the left lane during the operation to prevent other cars from pulling too close, he said.

One thing that stands out about this caper is the physical dexterity required to pull off a job like this. It must take years of training to maintain your balance while hopping from cars to trucks at high speed.

I wonder where the Romanians find criminals with such physical gifts?

6 allegedly steal electronics from moving trailer [AP]



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9 responses to “Romanian thieves are ballsy

  1. kate

    if i were you, i would just stop wondering ;)

  2. Me

    Most likely those six were in fact gypsies and not native Romanians.

  3. Romanian guy in Canada

    Yeah interesting. Funny how France got rid of all the gypsies by sending them to Romania and then started calling us thieves. And shame for all those people (I don’t care if they are romanians or rromanian (gypsies)) who are giving Romania a bad name.

  4. This story is kind of funny.I’m a Hungarian living in British Columbia and I have many Romanian friends here.Funny how Romanians and Hungarian get along here in Canada because of our cultural similarities,yet back home most are don’t like each other.Just crazy to me!!! All because the Politician’s and Historian’s and other”Invisible forces”Make our two peoples hate each other.We should look into who has the interest to do that!!! I really hope that I live to the day when Hungary and Romania will work together as two good neighbors instead fighting and arguing about stupid idiotic things.GOD BLESS both Hungary and Romania peace and thanx for let me write my concerns

    • Adina

      thank you for your post… i agree… it’s always better to live in peace and harmony with your neighbors…

  5. Romanian Guy in Romania

    huge huge huge huge difference between romanians and gypsy from romania … when out parents send us to schools their parents send them to bag for money or steal … they grow up and can`t find a job (because they dont`t even know how to read or write ) and they go in other countries to steal … if they can they will bring whole family (2 parents and 10+ kids) and start begging and stealing …. and then the europe call us gypsy …. we are DIFFERENT. I`m offended when somebody call me gypsy ….
    and a message for everybody:
    Stop giving money to gypsy … they won`t buy food or chlotes … they will buy expensive cars and build HUGE houses with your money …
    i saw a article on a news paper with a gypsy family who make over 900.000 Pounds/ year in U.K. from bagging (10 members – 2 adult and 8 kids)

    • Yes You’re 100% right I’m originally from Budapest(Ungria)and there was nothing but problem with Gypsies when I lived home.I left when I was 19 yrs old in 87 and moved to Canada.Not many Gypsies here.People in the West and North America know nothing about the Gypsies 90% of’em are criminals and thieves.Of course there are the good Gypsy Families mostly Musicians and Artist but I had neighbors whom were just plain hard workers.In Ungria 8-9% of the population are Gypsies but in the Jails 85-90%are Gypsies and of course they say that Hungarians are Racist that’s why.Just look what happened to Marian Cozma the Romanian handball player for Veszprem who got murdered by 3 gypsies,They Executed him with cold blood those bastards.But of course in the Western media they said he was killed by Hungarians because if they put Gypsies than that’s racism!!!What a fucking joke.Plus all the liberal western Europeans whom saying how racist Romanian and Hungarian ppl are they should move into a Cigany community for a month and see what would say after their 12 yrs old children and 85 yrs old Mothers would get raped and robbed or murdered.This one Cammion driver was driving to Turkey.In the village where he lived some cigany kids found out he was gone they attacked his wife 13 yrs old daughter and 82 yrs old mother in law killed and rape the old lady and rape the wife and little girl plus beat them badly.So when the guy came home and found out what happened he got an AK-47 went to the abandoned houses where the Gypsies lived poured gasolin on them light it on fire and as they were running out he shot them down like dogs he killed 4 and wounded 11 or 12 ciganys.The British and French newspapers said that a Hungarian”Neo Nazi”killed romas .Than they found out a week later that the guy was actually half Gypsy himself lol.Those”Olah Ciganys”are like animals they move into peaceful villages start stealing everything Raping and pillaging and ppl who lived there for generations have to move away and the Police is even scared to do anything because if they do then the EU in Brussels start bringing up Racism.Nazism and Humen Rights violations.Romania and Hungary stad of hating each other should get together and start doing something about Gypsy crime and criminals!!!! Well my Friend I hope things will change and u and your family will have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year La revedere!!!

  6. Adina

    To Pax Arcana: I would say the question above the picture of the Romanian gymnasts, posted right above the picture, has a seriously libelous effect…

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