Zombies exercising…

Father Scott

…but in preparation for what? Must Pax, Perry, and I dig up our Norwegian instruments of death to quell the uprising to end all uprisings?

Maybe it’s just harmless fun, but Deadspin’s got the scoop: it’s zombie kickball.

This weekend, the official Homestate of Father Scott (Maine) is holding the third annual kickball game for flesh-eating soulless beings. It’s a proud moment for me, really. In the words of the organizers, “kickin’ ass and takin’ brains since 2006.”

As far as the Pax Arcana Global War on Zombies is considered, this is only a good thing. The zombies let their guard down: they list their location (Port-au-prince, Haiti), their vitals (99 years old, female), current state of mind (hungry…well I guess that’s not surprising) and all of their interests (including the book, but not the movie, I Am Legend). I can see Pax crafting means of deception as we speak, so we can jump on the zombies when they least expect it.

Probably when they have a ghost runner on second.

Hopefully she’s around in case anyone gets a boo-boo



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2 responses to “Zombies exercising…

  1. It is never harmless fun with the zombies. They are destroyers of men and will stop at nothing to eat our brains. With the exception of kick ball, obviously.

  2. Esquire

    I’d let that nurse eat my brains. By the way Pax, you should read World War Z. If you did that, you wouldn’t fear the zombies so much, because you’d know the South Africans and the Israelis will save us all.

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