True tales of the (urp) operating room (huurrrrrrrrrrl)

Pax Arcana

It’s easy to watch high-quality hospital dramas — Grey’s Anatomy, ER, Diagnosis Murder, etc. — and assume doctoring is all about tight-fitting scrubs and boning your coworkers.

Then you read Dr. French Fry’s post on her first day in the OR, and you realize that the most important talent for a budding young doctor is the ability to refrain from projectile vomiting all over your patients, who possess the most vile afflictions ever in the history of mankind.

And that medical people have a sick sense of humor, and name some of the things they pull out of people:

Once Bert was delivered, I rushed him down to the pathology lab for a frozen section. Here I actually got to look at the hideous little guy. He was gross, filled with nasty yellowish oily fluid, covered with hard cyst-like things filled with gray goop, and hair. Blonde hair. Our patient was a brunette. It was nasty, but thanks to Bert and our lovely patient, I’ll always be able to remember what a teratoma is, and hopefully always remember my first day in the OR.

That’s about the least-gross part of the story. If you’re interested in probably throwing up on yourself from laughter-slash-gross medical stuff, I strongly suggest you check it out.

In the operating room [Dr. French Fry]

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4 responses to “True tales of the (urp) operating room (huurrrrrrrrrrl)

  1. wasn’t the “high-quality hospital drama” Grey’s Anatomy subject to the first of many failed running segments of this blog, America’s Worst Hospital?

  2. You are correct. Meant to link to that but then forgot. I was being facetious.

  3. Likely explanation. I bet if I came to your office right now you’d have McDreamy posters all over the place.

  4. If you came to my office, you’d be sorely disappointed to find me not there.

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