Buster is a Beast!

Pax Arcana

The extended tribe of Pax Arcanians got about 7 pounds heavier yesterday, when our man Perry Ellis and the balanced and tolerant Mrs. Perry Ellis gave birth to their first child.

Perry reports today that the kid is “amazing” and that mom and baby are healthy.

Many pints will be quaffed from the horn this evening in celebration. Congratulations!



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4 responses to “Buster is a Beast!

  1. Esquire

    You know, I was expecting notification of Buster’s arrival to come through Pax Arcana. Mazeltov, Perry Ellises!

  2. Way to successfully procreate, Perry.

  3. Perry Ellis

    Thanks fellas. Love the “science” tag, btw Pax. Hoping to post some pix of the little nipper before too long (but after we get some sleep. Ah sleep. Once I knew you well).

  4. perkisabeast

    That Beast thing is trademarked you know.

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