You too, can be a star on the Internet

Pax Arcana

The Internet is a vast ocean of shared knowledge, open and expansive, on which we pilot our own ships in the pursuit of information.

In this analogy, the endless panoply of dead blogs are the driftwood and detritus that bang into your hull, then sadly float on into oblivion.

Thankfully, One Post Wonder has gathered together the best of the best of blogs that never survived even their first day. Many of them include only one post.

Individually, they are terrible. Collectively they are art.

Here’s my personal favorite, from a blog called “I’m Attractive… So What?”:

Double standards
I never knew being attractive could be a negative thing until I entered the world of “adults”! I am blonde and attractive and have even been turned down for jobs due to my looks… Too distracting to other workers… What’s that all about! I’m an accountant for Pete’s sake!!! They like to look, but think differently when considering serious business. I know there are other people out there that feel like I do.
Posted by Real Blonde at 5:56 AM 0 comments

Real Blonde never posted again on that site, but after a sex change and a dye job reemerged on Pax Arcana as a mild-mannered indie lumberjack from Maine. Also — not that attractive.

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3 responses to “You too, can be a star on the Internet

  1. Please — the beard gets way more attention than my huge jugs and bleached curls ever did. But it’s sweet not to have to worry about my menstrual cycle any more.

  2. how did you figure out which of the 1 post blogs was actually mine?
    just kidding. i’m actually a brunette.

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