Young Obama supporters desperate to get punched in the face

Pax Arcana

Because of his relative youth and distinct lack of not being a pasty old crankpot, Barack Obama is often compared to John F. Kennedy. But where Kennedy was successful in drawing a line between the old guard and the new and inspire the young people of America to work for a better future, Obama inspires young people to pretend their middle names are “Hussein.”

From the Times:

Jeff Strabone of Brooklyn now signs credit card receipts with his newly assumed middle name, while Dan O’Maley of Washington, D.C., jiggered his e-mail account so his name would appear as “D. Hussein O’Maley.” Alex Enderle made the switch online along with several other Obama volunteers from Columbus, Ohio, and now friends greet him that way in person, too.

The article describes young people adding the moniker to their Facebook profiles, because if shit’s happening on Facebook, it must be something all the youngs are doing.

In solidarity with their candidate, John McCain supporters are changing their middle names to “LiverandOnions.” The hard part is etching that many letters into your Life Alert bracelet.

Obama Supporters Take His Name as Their Own [New York Times]



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2 responses to “Young Obama supporters desperate to get punched in the face

  1. Henceforth, Perry Ellis will be known as Perry Theholdsteady Ellis.

  2. Perry Ellis

    I like it. BTW, apparently your underpants are exactly the same hues as my son’s!

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