Funny dancing guy makes me jealous

Pax Arcana

This is Matt Harding, a guy my age who quit his job and traveled to 42 countries for the sole purpose of making a four-minute video of himself dancing like a doofus in exotic places.

Tonga looks awesome.

Where the Hell is Matt? [Home]



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4 responses to “Funny dancing guy makes me jealous

  1. Perry Ellis

    Dancing like a hipster doofus or just a doofus?

  2. I think this qualifies simply as doofus. Hipsters don’t generally put that much energy into anything…

  3. Fallen Angel

    I saw that video some time last week. At first it’s unbelievably awesome. Then I just get pissed off about the state of the world in all the countries he visited.

  4. This range of emotions is also called the Fallen Angel Continuum. Unlike most continuums, in this case, there are only these two states — unbelievably awesome -> pissed off.

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