Paxi Angelica

Perry Ellis

Samuel Caesar Ellis met his Uncle Pax and Aunt Mrs. Pax last night and seemed pretty chuffed about it.

His parents, however, were absolutely psyched out of their minds because the excellent and exemplary Arcani brought along a cooler stuffed with delicious chicken salad, beer, seltzer, bread and fruit salad. And a tub of KILLER brownies.

So we spent the first night in our home with our new boy supping on delectable treats and retired, bellies full, thinking how much we love them Arcanas. Thanks guys.

Pax and the Mrs., shortly after that nasty run-in with the Faroe Island zombie-worship cult.



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7 responses to “Paxi Angelica

  1. No probs, homey. Man, that zombie cult really did a number on my irises.

  2. I have a feeling this blog is about to get a lot sappier.

    Oh, and Pax, I see you dressed up as me for Halloween one year?

  3. Perry Ellis

    Is that why you aren’t posting these days, Padre, you lazy bastard? Jesus, I had a kid and still managed the odd update now and then.

  4. perkisabeast

    I’m a little concerned about all the true identity stuff here. What gives?

  5. Perry Ellis

    Oh, like your ugly, Czech-porn-star looking mustache has never been seen on this site, Boolicious?

  6. Perk — it’s all part of an elaborate ruse. I have no idea who that cracker in the costume is…

  7. Hey hey hey, let’s not forget my comment-inducing post about the new Bates basketball coach.

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