I need Pedialyte

Pax Arcana

Posting may be slow today, on account of Pax Arcana and the silky and tremendous Mrs. Pax Arcana headed down to Central Square last night to see Frightened Rabbit — who absolutely crushed it.

Unfortunately they played well past my normal bed time (8:19 p.m.), and TT the Bear’s suffers from an infestation of hipster beers that I tried valiantly to exterminate myself.

It’s times like these that I thank the heavens for Dr. French Fry. In the most recent installment, she elucidates why Pedialyte (it’s like baby Gatorade) is a close-to-perfect hangover cure. The science behind this theory, if I remember correctly, is that Pedialyte works to connect your upper dorcimus and australopithecus with proteins and enzymes that grind beta carotene out of your synapses. Wait, that’s probably not right. You may have to read the whole thing.

your poor liver [Dr. French Fry]



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2 responses to “I need Pedialyte

  1. Perry Ellis

    We introduced Sam to Frightened Rabbit and Bon Iver in the hospital and he seemed to dig it. Wish I could have made that show, I really like Organ Fight a whole lot.

  2. Nice. They were really good live. Didn’t miss a beat. They would be much better in a bigger venue with better acoustics (and a better PA), but they did a great job with what they had.

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