Laced Padre of the Miserable Army

Father Scott

I took a couple of minutes away from Lil’ Wayne’s latest joint (bitch, it’s the bomb like tick, tick) to read an All Songs Considered blogpost about a website devoted to spitting out a band name for people not creative enough to do so themselves (then why are you creating music, you might ask, and I would not be able to answer you).

The website is called Band Name Maker, and it’s simple to operate. Type in a word and it cranks out ten random band names. Don’t like them? Generate again.

After the jump, my favorites for each of the members of this site:

Pax Arcana

Pax Manifesto
Pax Affection
Chafed Pax

That last one probably came straight from the illustrious and coquettish Mrs. Pax Arcana after one of Pax’s 3-5 days at the plate in his baseball league.

Chafed Pax’s band logo…eerily similar to Pax’s expression in his moustachioed photo

Perry Ellis

Perry of the Dead Leopard
Perry Space and the Shallow Tuesday
Perry Elixir

Do you have the latest Perry Elixir t-shirt?

Band Name Maker had more fun with Perry, clearly.

Father Scott

Padre Butt-ugly (ed. note: heresy!)’
Padre Rule
Laced Padre of the Miserable Army

The cover of Laced Padre of the Miserable Army’s self-titled debut

Fallen Angel

Intimate Angel and the Complex
Angel of the Nuisance
Angel Rumble

Given Fallen Angel’s interest in wrestling, the last one is obviously the best.

Angel Rumble is huge with the 12-15-year old male demographic

Reverend E

Reverend Wrap
School of the Reverend Stump
Hot Pink Reverend

Hot Pink Reverend gives this out free at its shows



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3 responses to “Laced Padre of the Miserable Army

  1. You gotta admit, your army is pretty miserable.

  2. Fallen Angel

    Oh man I love those first two names. And I want that girl to be my groupie. She’s hotter than Erin Esurance

  3. Perry Ellis

    I just want to know 2 things: Where the hell did they get my picture for that shot and how could I have lost the mustache contest with a specimen like that? I demand a recount.

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